Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Building a new home? Try "energy-free"!

This post may be aimed at a smaller-than-usual segment of my readership, but whenever I come across something that I find interesting I like to share it with you. This is for all those who may be considering building a new house, and it comes from the redoubtable Treehugger: why not consider a home that's practically energy-free? These homes, from Enertia, use minimal, and in many cases no, energy for heat, cooling, electric power or hot water. They are complete units that take into account the siteing and orientation of the structure, the lighting on your homesite, the climate you live in, etc., and are available for all types of homeowners -- those who wish to build part or all of the homes themselves, or as completely constructed units. Many styles, sizes and configurations are available, and the homes' visual appeal is as good as the usefulness of the technology.

Take a look at their website. There's a lot to be gleaned about energy saving in home design. If you are building, consider that the savings over time can help defray a substantial portion of your construction costs. Enertia has done a lot of work in creating homes that are as ecologically sound as they are handsome.