Saturday, April 14, 2007

What this blog is to be about

This blog will explore the relationship between human beings and our environment. It will cover issues as they become relevant through events both local and global, political and spiritual, specific and general. I will quote important news items related to climate change, and write of the birds I see in my backyard. As things which I believe belong here occur to me, I will share them with you. My perspective is that of a politically liberal, regulated capitalist, formerly a Buddhist practitioner and currently a secular humanist. See my profile for more details.

My Buddhist experience has essentially taught me that there is no separation between ourselves and our environment, and I hope that through reading this blog you will come to that understanding as well. My goal is, naturally, a peaceful world, and the reconciliation of man with nature is the most important step in the realization of that goal.

May all sentient beings attain enlightenment.


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