Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New wrinkle -- cancer

I've been fighting liver disease for over thirty years, and have recently developed some tumors which have made me ineligible for a transplant. I am now receiving a treatment called embolization, a low-dose, targeted type of chemotherapy which has been remarkably bearable, but may be doing little more than keeping me around a little longer. It's okay. I'm ready for whatever happens, and I've been learning things about my life, my friendships, etc. which have been invaluable. Death is not the worst thing that could happen (unless I go before I can learn how to flycast). It's a short bucket list. I've done almost everything I have wanted to do. And I intend to keep this blog up until I'm no longer able.

This is not meant to depress you. It's just in the interest of full disclosure that I have decided to present it to you. Of course I wish you all well!

Much love to all my readers.

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